What Is A False Positive Pregnancy Test

If you are tired of testing yourself and not sure it is false positive or positive. Here we will share information about the false positive pregnancy test.

False Positive Pregnancy Test

No matter how you choose to best to test for pregnancy, every different brand and type of pregnancy test looks for the presence of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropic). A hormone made by the placenta and/or in your blood or urine.

Negative/False Positive Pregnancy Test

As HCG is only present in your system when you are pregnant generally, generally a pregnancy test that comes back positive, is truly positive. However the false positive is possible when:

  • You have HCG- producing growth such as an ovarian tumor.
  • Protein in your urine can also give you the false-positive result.
  • Medications particularly some fertility drugs can cause a false-positive result.
  • You have had recent birth or miscarriage which has caused the presence of HCG in your system.
  • The urine collecting cup is dirty, detergent residue can cause false-positive results.
  • The test kit is faulty, heat and moisture can affect the test’s ability to work.

As it should, false negative pregnancy tests are possible. It usually happens when the test is done prematurely. The level of HCG is required to give a positive pregnancy tests and that’s fairly high, and so it’s possible to get a negative result while your HCG levels are increasing to positive pregnancy levels.

How To Get Accurate Pregnancy Tests

While urine pregnancy tests can accurately detect the presence of HCG, they are qualitative merely giving a negative or positive result. Most urine tests need a higher level of HCG such as a blood test to show a positive result, and it maybe slower to show a positive result.

The best ways to ensure that you get the correct result from a urine pregnancy test are:

  • Read the instruction before you take the test, not all tests are the same!
  • Test your first-morning urine, this will ensure that, your HCG levels are high as the can be.
  • If you can not use this urine, test urine that has been in the bladder for a couple of hours.
  • Do not drink a lot before the test this will only dilute your urine and make the level of HCG lower than it would normally be.
  • Check with your doctor that any medication you may be taking (particularly fertility drugs) won’t affect the result of your test.
  • Some urine test that can frustratingly not give you an answer, either way, this because your HCG levels are too high for negative and too low for a positive result.

Generally speaking though, once your HCG level rises to the extent that is no longer considered a negative result, it will continue to rise until you get a positive result.

One of the main drawbacks of using urine pregnancy test early on some (some tests can test for the presence of HCG as early as a week after your period was due) is that 30-50% of all embryos that attach the uterine wall, detach again.

This is different to early miscarriage. Where the pregnancy tests able to give an early positive result, it can be very disappointing to discover that your positive has been turned into a negative result.

Blood Pregnancy Test

You can have the blood pregnancy test done, by your doctor as early as 11-14 days after ovulation. After being sent to a lab for testing, the results of a blood pregnancy test can tell you two things:

False Positive Pregnancy Test
  • Qualitative whether you are pregnant or not.
  • Quantitative, how much HCG in your blood. This is useful to estimate how far your pregnancy has progressed.

Blood pregnancy tests are 99% accurate and can detect a much lower amount of HCG than urine pregnancy tests and it is for this reason that, many women still choose to have a blood test done after doing a urine pregnancy test themselves at home.


To prevent the False Positive Pregnancy Test, try to do the blood pregnancy test which is more accurate than the pregnancy strips. The most important thing to notice that I have already told you about pregnancy test strips, do not drink too much before the test, test your urine in the morning, and do it in a clean cup.

“Hope this article helps you to learn something about False Positive Pregnancy Test and how to prevent it thank you”


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