How To Get Dimples Very Quickly

If you want to look more beautiful and do not want to get dimples by surgery and want dimples naturally then look no further.


We all know at least one person we can not say no to, they smile and our heart just melts. They have a special secret weapon and that weapon is Dimples.

Only 20% of people in the world are blessed with dimples. However, if you are among the 80% of those who do not have dimples but want to there is a solution.

8 Easy Exercises To Get Dimple

  • Pulling The Cheeks In
  • Using Pen Or Pencil
  • Using Your Index Finger
  • Drawing It With Eyebrow Pencil
  • Smiling Widely
  • Pouting All The Way
  • Press And Grin Technique
  • Using A Bronzer

Pulling The Cheeks In


First, it is important to understand what dimples are, they are not just divine mark of loveliness, they are in fact crevices on the cheeks. Some muscles deform and stretch in such a way that they make up this crescive, when a person smiles and pulls those muscles we can see the dimples.

We exercise different muscles at the gym so why not try and exercise our facial muscle to get the result we want. This method is easy here is how it works, you just have to suck your cheek in for 10 minutes every day.

It will take time but if you will do it regularly you should see dimple formation when you smile after a while.

Using Pen Or Pencil

Back in 1932, Isabella Gilbert from Rochester New York invented rather a scary-looking device known as the dimpling machine. This device was supposed to help people get a fun set of dimples.

The idea was not a huge commercial success. People were probably just too scared of it. We are not going to offer you any terrifying inventions just use a pen or pencil instead. It will work best of all if you use a new unsharpened pencil and because most definitely want 2 dimples to use 2 pencils or pens.

Simply stick them into your cheeks where you want the dimple, spin it around for a few minutes. you can repeat it several times a day. It is probably best to do at home. Otherwise, you will have to too much explain to your colleagues and boss.

Anyway, this simple trick will be slow but sure you get the dimple you want. We have to warn you the effect won’t last for long. Once you see the adorable indentation show uptake that picture you need to impress everyone and then repeat the process to get the dimple back.

Using Your Index Finger

While most of us define dimple as pure cuteness. Some scientists called them any irregular dominant trait. What does it mean, for a long time people believe dimples are genetic traits so a child born to parents with dimples will also have them.

However today the scientists are not sure about this. According to the American Journal of medics, there is no 100% certainty that people with dimples will have a dimpled baby.


If you still can not get over the fact that you are not born with the magical cuteness marks try the index finger technique. Press the side of your cheeks with your index finger. Find those spots that you want to have dimples in and press your finger for around 5 minutes.

Drawing It With Eyebrow Pencil

Drawing dimples With Eyebrow Pencil is to temporary to even be considered but just think of it. Some people are born with dimples and gradually lose them as they grow older.

So there is a chance even natural dimple won’t last forever. If you want to charm the people at the party or for some other social event just creat the dimples of your dreams that will last you the evening.

Pick a dark eyebrow pencil and draw a crescent moon where you want indentation to be. One end it should point towards the highest point of your imaginary dimple and the other towards your cheek.

Carefully shade the lines painted for a more natural effect. Your cheek might be pinched a lot that night so be prepared.

Smiling Widely

People with dimples always have at least one reason to smile about, when they do it feels like a little kitten has just run into the room. Can this trait ever cause them problems, they say every medal has its reverse and people with dimples are taken seriously.

You just want to smile at them all the time. Ironically doing that is another great way to get dimple for someone belonging to that 80 % of dimples people. Smile as broad as you can every day. it might feel weird at the start but you will get used to it.

Pouting All The Way

The most popular Instagram selfie face turns out to be an excellent dimple making technique. So pucker your lips and suck your cheeks in practicing the pouting at several times a day and you will appreciate the results.

Do you find this technique bit childish, well, dimples are for those who want to look younger forever.

Press And Grin Technique

As the name of this technique suggests what you have to do is the press the point where you want the dimple to be with your finger and grin. Once again smile as widely as you can repeat this simple exercise 10 times a day.

Using A Bronzer

Finally, we are ready to share this solution for those times when you need more than regular dimple. Use the bronzer to create a red carpet look. Dark brown glimmering eyes will also do.

Apply using your index finger where you think the perfect dimples belongs. Smudge it to not look too fake make sure it blends with the rest of your makeup.


Dimples are the beautiful thing that everyone wants. Some people still think they genetically come. But you can have those dimple of your dreams by following these steps that we mentioned above you can also have this beautiful cuteness.

“Hope this article helps you to learn something about dimples and how to naturally get them, thank you”


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