Bupropion Side Effects, Uses And Dosages

If you want to know about Bupropion side effects, uses, and dosages, you are in the right place, here you will find out about important side effects.

What IS Bupropion?

It is an antidepressant. It inhibits the reuptake of a couple neurotransmitters known as dopamine and norepinephrine. So it works differently than the SSRIs which affects serotonin. In the US medicines sold are named Wellbutrin and Zyban.

Approved Uses For Bupropion?

The approved uses are for:

  1. Depression seasonal affective disorder
  2. Smoking Cessations

Off-label uses of Bupropion

The off-label meaning, it’s not studied for this but over time we found that it helps with ADHD and bipolar of depression disorder and sexual dysfunction from SSRI.

Some of those antidepressants that have an effect on serotonin can have sexual side effects, things like fluoxetine, citalopram, and in some cases Bupropion is used to offset those side effects.

Bupropion Dosage

The immediate-release is usually started at 100mg, with a final dose being up to 300mg a day (morning, midday and night). There are a lot of variations in there many people who can get by on a lower dose. The maximum dosage can be considered to be 450 mg a day.

The SR formulation is also a formulation generally used for smoking cessations. Started at 150mg every morning for the three days and up to twice a day thereafter.

The maximum dose on the SR is typically 200 mg twice a day w/ a max of 400 mg daily. The XL typically started at 150 mg daily in the morning, A lot of folks end up on 300 mg a day again as it varies but the maximum dose can be up to 450 mg a day.

Most Common Bupropion Side Effects

Bupropion Side Effects
  • Rapid Heartbeat (tachycardia) (10%)
  • Insomnia (11-40%)
  • Headache (25-30%)
  • Agitation (2-30%)
  • Dizziness (6-20%)
  • Excessive sweating (diaphoresis) (5-20%)
  • Weight loss (14-22%)
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Tremor
  • Blurred vision

As you see in the list there is lots of range in side effects. Higher dose brings a higher risk of side effects.


What about withdrawals? Considering the symptoms most people prefer to taper down the dose. They feel if it is not stopped abruptly and typically you’ll want to taper the dose over two to four weeks. Depending on how long you been on it, how high the dose is, and of course that is something you and your health provider can work out.


  • Suicidal thinkings
  • Change in mood
  • Seizures
  • Mania/Psychosis
  • Vision/Eye problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid/caution with sedatives

Suicidal thoughts

Some of the warnings suicidal thoughts can occur with any antidepressant. This is obvious for all antidepressants.

Change in mood

An unexpected change in mode especially the ‘smoking cessation’ folks are taking it to reduce the urge to smoke. You may notice some changes in the mood that are not on board with a typical every day mood.


If you had a history of Seizures in the past this medicine could increase the risk that you will have a seizures again.


Some of the folks with bipolar disorder, sometimes this can send them into depression with occasionally vision or eye problems so you’d want to follow up if you notice a change in vision.

High blood pressure

It can increase blood pressure so we need to be careful if you already have high blood pressure – some cardiac, heart disorder.

Sexual dysfunction

We need to be mindful for that sexual dysfunction, although it is a lot lower risk than a lot of the other antidepressant, this can still occur.

Avoid alcohol

You’ll want to avoid alcohol. It is just a good bet to avoid alcohol completely with BW appropriate Bupropion.

Avoid/caution with sedatives

we want to avoid sedatives like alcohol but also like benzodiazepines things like valium & Xanax.


Bupropion Side Effects

Bupropion is a best selling drug on the market. Here we show the Bupropion side effects and more. The chances of these side effects are low but you should be aware of them.

“Hope this article helps you to learn something about Bupropion and Bupropion side effects thank you”


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